Looking for hotels near West Brompton?

West Brompton is an area in south-west London that rubs shoulders with some of the city’s wealthiest neighbourhoods including Chelsea, Fulham and West Kensington. It’s most definitely one of the quietest parts of the capital and has a somewhat village feel. Although mainly residential it boasts some great cafes, restaurants, shops and bars and it is just a short walk to more bustling and exclusive areas. One of the main attractions of West Brompton is often said to be Brompton Cemetery! It accounts for one of the seven Royal Parks and is morbid in name only. Here you will find 39 acres of beautiful, peaceful space to explore. If you don’t mind heading a bit further afield, some of London’s top museums including the Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert are all just a 20-minute walk away. Or why not hop on a tube at West Brompton underground station and venture out a bit more!