Looking for a hotel near Barbican?

After being demolished during World War 2, the Barbican area of London was re-built and not to everyone's taste! The so-called 'brutalist architecture' rose into the sky comprising of 3 residential blocks and several other rugged concrete housing developments. But today, the area is doing much better for itself and is rich with architectural monuments and history going back to the time of the roman arrival. It's main selling point must be the Barbican Centre. It plays host to a variety of cultural events including music, theatre, dance, film and art making this the largest multi-arts centre in Europe! It houses a cinema, art gallery, theatre, learning spaces and its own glorious conservatory where you can take afternoon tea. Aside from this, the Barbican is now a vibrant place to visit with the trendy bars and restaurants of Shoreditch just a short walk away. There are some other great attractions nearby such as the Museum of London, the Tate Modern and St Paul's Cathedral. If you are looking for accommodation near to the Barbican, then look no further as we have some great hotels and BnB's for you to choose from.