Looking for hotels near Sherlock Holmes Museum?

Famously the address of Arthur Conan Doyle’s master-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker Street is now a charming museum recreating Holmes’ Victorian house as described in the much-loved books. Opening in 1990, the museum is dedicated to the life and period of the famous detective. The three-storey building where the character “lived” from 1881 until 1904 is decorated in the same style as described in the different novels, packed with furniture and decorative objects from that era. The first floor is the most memorable of all. Visitors will find Sherlock's bedroom, as well as the study where he and Doctor Watson worked on every crime. On the second floor is Doctor Watson and Mrs Hudson’s rooms, full of the characters’ personal items as if they were about to return ay any minute. Wax figures representing different characters of the detectives most important cases are located on the third floor. The museum also has a shop full of quirky objects and souvenirs. You’ll find the famous abode pretty easy to get to. From Baker Street Underground Station turn right, cross the road and turn right again and you’re only a five-minute walk away. Keep a lookout for the Sherlock Holmes statue which is located outside the tube station. Perfect for a selfie!