Looking for hotels near the Royal Opera House?

Whether it’s a performance from The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera or The Royal Orchestra, you’re guaranteed a really spectacular show at the Royal Opera House. And, at one of the most prominent establishments in the world, it would be silly to expect anything less. With its distinctive Roman-inspired pillared frontage that looks out onto Covent Garden’s famous piazza, it has been home to ballet productions The Sleeping Beauty and The Fairy Queen and operas Arabelle and Salome to name but a few. Combining the finest of dancers and vocalists with the best choreographers and directors, it has been hosting stage magic since its opening in 1858. The venues horseshoe-shaped 2,256-seater auditorium is one of the West Ends largest and offers a traditional, imposing setting for both operas and ballet spectacles. It’s about as grand a stage you’ll find in the world let alone London! Its Covent Garden location, with the nearest tube station just minutes away, will put you in good stead for pre or post-show food and drink as the area is full of bars and restaurants. This part of the city is also abundant in museums and galleries. The likes of the London Film Museum, London Transport Museum, The Strand Gallery and the National Gallery are all within a ten-minute walk.