Looking for hotels near Richmond University?

Founded in 1972, Richmond, The American International University in London is an independent, international university. It is a unique setting offering a traditional American Liberal Arts Education. Having recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, it is the only university in the UK to offer dually accredited degrees (UK and US), providing worldwide recognition to its graduates. Approximately 1,800 students from nearly 100 countries are currently enrolled. The university has two campuses located in two of London’s most sought-after boroughs, Richmond and Kensington. The Richmond campus is set at the top of Richmond Hill – one of London’s most desirable areas – right next to the spectacular Richmond deer park and near to Kew Gardens. The Kensington Campus is one of London’s most upmarket districts with various luxury shops, bars, restaurants and museums plus beautiful scenery across Hyde Park. Which ever campus you are visiting, you will find the surrounding area affluent with an abundance of things to do.